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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Once again we took some time to clean up the apples off the ground in the backyard, Jay wasn't having anything to do with it this time he says it's not worth only $1 and besides he was playing street hockey with his friends. So the rest of us slaved away picking up apples. A few minutes later I heard a loud screach and my daughter was dancing frantically around the backyard, finally I got her to calm down enough to find out that she got into a wasps nest that was underground by the fence post. The poor little thing, she got stung at least 5 times, on her hand, her arm, her ear and her cheek. She was screaming in pain....all is better now and she is tucked in bed for the night. Her pinky finger is quite swollen but the rest seem to be fine. What a dramatic way to pick up apples. I'm just thankful that she didn't have an allergic reaction.


Tammy said...

OUCH...the poor sweetie! I'm glad that she's not allergic, but I'm sure it was a horrible experience, not to mention painful for her. I hope she's all better by morning for school.:o)

Carrie Smith said...

Trinity is feeling a little better this morning. Her fingers are still a little touchy but she says they will be ok.