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Sunday, September 23, 2007



The kids enjoyed our movie weekend last week so we thought we would do it again last night. Yup, we couldn't agree on one of our home DVD collection (I think the kids have caught on to how to get a rental...) so we headed up the road to the movie rental store. You should see their eyes light up when we said " get ready kids we are going to the movies store!" They were filled with excitement. Pyjamas and all they were out the door.

We were in for even more excitement than we had planned and the boys well, this was right up their alley. Cop cars, flashing lights, the works. A young, I would have to say kid was pulled out of the drivers seat just in front of the rental store, not sure of the situation but by the time we got our movie and left the store they had the "kid" in the back of the police car and a tow truck there for the car. Then my 11 year old son Jay turns and says to me " Say it mom, don't every drive a car until you are old enough" I said " no Jay , never drive a car until you have your drivers license! That got us talking all the way home....

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