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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Digital cameras and photography, my life seems to revolve around my family and my digital camera. I never leave home without it! Whether it's just capturing those funny moments with the kids or sporting events with basketball and dancing, family reunions, vacations or just the beautiful sunsets and landscapes, I always have my camera ready.

I have recently upgraded my digital camera from the Sony Cyber Shot 3.2 mega pixels to a Sony 6.0 mega pixels. What a difference it makes. I am pleased with my digital camera but it's still not the one I want. I am hoping some day to have a professional digital camera so that I can look into taking pictures professionally. Some of the features I would be looking for would be a super clear picture, a great zoom and a camera with an awesome flash. There are so many to choose from but I have plenty of time to shop around.

I have just seen announced, the new Nikon D300 professional digital SCR camera. This is a camera I will definitely be looking into. It has all the features I'm looking for and much more to offer. I can just imagine the beautiful sunsets captured through it.

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Patrick said...

What a beautiful sunset in the picture!