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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So now that we got the grocery run taken care of now comes the problem of find enough room in the freezer for all the frozen foods, the fridge isn't as bad and the cupboards, well forget about it they will fit in in the next couple of days. My husband loves watching me month after month making room for everything, he is amazed at how well I jig saw puzzle anything and everything to get it to fit. As a matter of fact he wouldn't leave for his meeting today until I had everything in the freezer just to see if I could once again figure out the puzzle. I should give myself a pat on the back....I managed to do it again this month but I don't know how I did it this time! I was starting to sweat this one but wasn't going to give my dear hubby the chance to laugh at me! Here is a picture of the fridge and freezer just after getting groceries...keep in mind we only by the bulk of our groceries once a month on pay day!


Tammy said...

That fridge is FULL!

Carrie Smith said...

Tell me about it! I call it my jig saw puzzle project of the month!