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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Get ready and let's all go to Vegas! Vegas you are wondering, what's going on there? Well get ready,PostieCon Vegas is a one of a kind blog conference with targeted sessions with the focus to help bloggers market themselves. I am so excited to here about this! The most exciting part of all, is that Posti Con Vegas is FREE! But the space is limited and you need to get registered now. This conference is being held November 10th so hurry up and fill the space before someone else does!

With this conference experienced bloggers will share their knowledge of how you can build traffic and readership, also the top Pay Per Post earners and advertisers will get to share their successes in two sessions. A special session for pay Per Post will be lead by CEO Ted Murphy.

I am most interested in hearing Michelle Madhok from Turning your passion into Dollars. I think this will be a great session. I feel that why let your passion just sit there when you can make something of it or even make some money at it, so put your passion to use. I enjoyed reading her blog and appreciate her experts in online shopping. I am really looking forward to what she has to say and offer.

Other great speakers at the conference will be speaker David Ponce from, his session will be on Turning Visits into Cash. Sherry Heyl from What a Concept will be doing her session on Why live life online? Also speakers Jim Kukral from, Lena West from, Shirley Frazier from Gift Basket Business Blog, Kristie Tamsevicius at and Paul Lewis from Internet Marketing will be doing a session Connecting with Advertisers.

I think that this blog conference will be a great experience fro all of us bloggers out there. There is so much to learn that will benefit how we look at blogging and can help improve our work tremendously! That's not all! The day will end with a ROCKIN' PARTY where winners of the Blogger's Choice Awards will be recognized! Get ready for the experience of a life time!

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