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Friday, September 28, 2007


With so many online storage and sharing services out there have you ever stopped to consider using driveway? With driveway you park your files and share. Driveway provides you with easy file sharing and collaboration and now provides for easy free account creation with free storage up to 2 GB per account and also the web widgets created from within accounts support folders. There are many reasons to consider why you should use driveway for file sharing and to just mention a few, driveway does not require you to register to use it, also with driveway you can create the links that are read only or directly editable without a need to download the file first, re upload and modify and they believe that there is a strong need for an online storage service that is designed from ground up with sharing in mind.

At there is so much more to learn about from their driveway desktop widget to driveway plug in and driveway web widgets. Check out their features, download plug in and read through testimonials. I really enjoy working on my blogs and I can now enhance my blogs along with yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail with the power of driveway for free! Having driveway will empower my existing email system to send larger files easily by creating park it links to files up to the size of 500MB.

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