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Sunday, September 16, 2007


So we decided that we would take the night and do something special with the kids, by this time it was to late to head out to the movie theatre and further more with 6 of us it cost a fortune, and they are getting tired of watching from our own movie collection, we took them down the road to the movie rental store. We haven't done this with them in at least 3 years, we just buy the movies when they come out in stores and bring them home for them. This worked out pretty well for us and the kids had a great time picking out a movie, well it ended up to be 2 before we left because we got a free bag of popcorn by doing so. It was a great night with them and we could tell that they had really enjoyed our time together. Last nights movie was "FIREHOUSE DOG" it was awesome, it's a must buy for this house. Today before supper we will sit down and watch "ARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLES".

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