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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


O.K so I need a little help here with this one. My very excited 11 year old Jay came home from school today with an invitation to a birthday party for "Gabby" yes it's a girls birthday. It's at our local bowling alley just up the road from us this Saturday afternoon. Great no problem there....but what do I get her? I don't want him showing up with a cheesy gift. Any suggestions would be great! As of now I am thinking of putting money in a card...who doesn't like money right!


Nicole said...

As mom of four girls (and one poor outnumbered boy) I can tell you that girls LOVE craft stuff. Walmart and Target both have great selections of that kind of stuff.

They also love jewelery and hair stuff and the kids sections of most of those places have cute stuff.

Good luck. I am sure you will find something.

Carrie Smith said...

Thank you Nicole for your suggestions...I will most definitely take them into consideration!

Tammy said...

Webkins are a big hit here. They are stuffies that you can adopt on-line. They have some really girlie ones. My 13 year old daughter loves them.