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Saturday, September 8, 2007


Well we had another visit from the tooth fairy last night. Trinity lost another tooth, it's her second in just a couple of weeks. She bit into her chicken taco last night at supper time and really loosened it up. Afterward she couldn't eat anything because of how loose it was and she was getting pretty upset so I gave it a few jiggles and out it came. She was so excited, but I think it was because it didn't take much work to get it out, not the fact that it actually came out...she is so scared when it comes to her teeth falling out (she takes after her mother). Well that's another loose tooth behind her.


Petula Wright said...

So how much did the Tooth Fairy bring? :-) My 2 year old is getting her back teeth in and each time I brush them she says, "Ow!" (I always forget... dummy me.) Well, it got me to thinking about the teeth falling out. I remember when my oldest lost her teeth. Such a precious time... a little funny looking too! LOL. Don't tell Trinity I said that!

Tammy said...

I have another award for you. Come over and get it. ~ Tammy