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Monday, September 24, 2007


Living long distance from all of my family is hard enough in itself so why should keeping in touch be hard and expensive. To keep in contact with my family I have recently looked into Pingo's global brand of virtual calling cards with astonishing low rates! With Pingo there are no hidden fees and no surprises with the best competitive rates world wide and with Pingo's rate watcher this takes care of the hassle of comparing calling cards and looking for a lower rate because rate watcher is doing it for you!

Pingo is the last calling card that you will ever need! Pingo is a prepaid calling card service that's saves you money on your long distance calls and just for signing up, Pingo will give you a $5.00 USD in free calls.

Pingo is introducing their international phones program and with this Pingo has committed to it's international pone callers to provide them with their best quality calls at the best price. Go a head and experience the Pingo International Phone Program and you can be assured to have the quality of your Pingo international calling card because the program is a service of iBasis. A Pingo phone card is there to save you money on every international and domestic call and you will love our low rates!


Jocelyn said...

hi carrie, what is 'nice matters award'? you've mentioned about it on my HipMama blog?

Carrie Smith said...

It is just an award blogging award to say hey, thanks for being so nice. Just away for us bloggers to show appreciation for one another, if you want you can copy my picture award and post it on yours!