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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


With Blake's birthday fast approaching I took the time this morning and gave him a hair cut then took him in to Walmart portrait studio to get his birthday pictures taken. We were there for hour and the girl taking the pictures was awesome! Blake's pictures turned out adorable as always and we had fun getting them taken. Well forgetful me, in all the excitement of getting there I forget to look into what the picture package consisted of, and after we were finished I then realized that this package DID NOT include the 10 x 13 sheet. That is the only picture I need to go on the wall with the rest and I wasn't about to pay another $20 for the one sheet. I ordered the pictures anyway since they were just so darn cute and only cost me $3 and I will take him back next week when the new package starts and yes this one does have the sheet size I want....

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