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Sunday, September 23, 2007


One of the down falls to moving is finding a new doctor (almost impossible), and for me a great hair stylist. I use to go see Kristine back home to get my hair done and she was fabulous! Well since we've moved I feel like my hair has been butchered and I'm not satisfied with how my foils are turning out. Now I am looking at almost if not more to get my hair fixed....between the cut, the all over color and the foils. It's frustrating and because Kristine is the first person I trusted in doing anything she wanted with my hair and I was always happy with and now I feel that I'm wanting to run to the hair salon all the time to get what I had back....


Tammy said...

I'm lucky, my niece is a hairdresser and she comes and does mine and my daughters hair at my house. She doesn't charge me what a salon would either. I just have to pay for the supplies. Gotta love family!

Carrie Smith said...

If I don't get out of this PPP slump, I won't have any hair left to worry about a hair dresser LOL.

Are you having any luck with PPP?