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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love that glitter

For generations people all over the globe have enjoyed the beauty of gold and other preciouse metals. Gold has been used for many purposes over the generations from jewellery to a form of money to a sign of wealth. The great thing about gold barsis that it has proven itself to be a worthy investment as it holds or increases it's value for generations. With the current conditions in which the available raw material's that can be used for productions has not kept up with demand. This is leading to an increase in the value of your gold investment and with the current market trend your investment with continue to grow as material continues to depleate. Take advantage now of this great investment to build your portfolio for long term growth.

Birthday Boy

Tommorrow night we will be celebrating our youngest son's 6th birthday. He wanted to have a party with his friends and as it is close to Halloween he will be having a costume party at the same time. He is pretty excited to get through tommorrow's day of school so he can get to the fun of his party. It will be a busy day but I'm sure it will be worth it if he has fun.

It's freezing out

My nice temperatures have disappeared, it was so nice but the last few days it is approaching Freezing temperatures. It unfortunetly looks like it will be very cold for Halloween night when the kids are going out trick or treating. At least their costumes are extra big so they can wear extra clothes underneath their costumes. It will be a lot of fun getting out with them for a few minutes before I have to head off to work.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

All things Shiny

Everyone loves shiny things, many of our favorite things are gold and silver and although these precious metals have long been used for jewellery and a sign of wealth they have also become a very strong investment commodity. With the available raw material becoming harder to find manufacturers are looking at alternative ways to find their gold and silver. This lack of material is driving the value of gold and silver up and making it a very good form of investing. The experts at the US Gold Bureau can help you buy gold coins and can arrange immediate delivery to you or they can arrange for storage until you need your coins. Either way it is a smart decision to invest in gold and silver and to use the experts to help you find excellant value in your investments.

Christmas Excitement

This year for Christmas will be an exciting time for decorating around our house. We bought all new decorations for the house with Gold and Brown tones to everything. We had the same colors Blue and silver for almost 10 years and it was time for a change. I bought all the decorations at the end of last year so we have been very eager to decorate all year long. Now with only a few days left until November 1 and the end of Halloween decorating season I am getting ready to go.

Friday, October 22, 2010

When is it too soon to decorate for Christmas

I was just wondering what everyones opinion might be on this subject. I typically will start my decorating in early November, now my thought on this is I really enjoy my decorations and it takes quite a bit of work to get them all up so they might as well go up early so I can enjoy them as long as possible. It seems like there is a lot of different opinions on this with people even waiting until the 23/24th of December to do their decorating.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Career

Thinking about a career that can withstand the tough economic times it's a great opportunity to look into a cosmetology school in Phoenix. No matter what the economic outlook is it is a given that people will always want to look their best and for many that means regular trips to their specialist. One of the best and growing schools is the Regency beauty school which has grown from 2 schools in 2002 to over 80 schools with plans to continue to grow accross the country. This is a career that has a lot of security it you learn your craft and are able to speak well to people. It can be a lot of fun working directly with people and having them give you their trust in their appearance. Check out more information on the courses and locations at

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Metal Choices

Silver, Gold and other precious metals are becoming an increasingly lucrative industry. With the available above ground stockpiles rapidly deminishing there has never been a better time to start investing in gold or silver. Gold and Silver have long been used for a sign of wealth and power. If you aren't sure how to get started or what are the best investment opportunities for you, you should consult the experts from the United States Gold Bureau. The US Gold Bureau have an excellant trained staff of experts to assist you with your investment choices. There are many options for investments from coins, ignot or bullion, whatever your choice of investment you can be confident with help from the US Gold Bureau.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Decorations

Well it's almost time to start decorating for Halloween, it's too bad it's so cold out today because it would have been a great day for hanging things out seeing as we are both off today but it will have to wait for another day. We have a big blow up halloween Lawn decoration to set up this year that we bought the day before Halloween last year so we only set it up for 1 day last year. Hopefully my lights will all work and we won't have to go out and buy a bunch of new ones this year. It'll be fun anyway when we get around to setting it up.

Beware the Ghouls and Goblins are Coming

Only a few more short days until one of our favorite holidays, Halloween. The kids are getting excited to get out in their costumes and play some tricks and get some treats. We will be going to the haunted house this Halloween and one of the kids favorite Halloween treat spots where they get yummy candy apples. Of course we will also be having a party on Friday for Blake who is turning 6. The kids were trying on their costumes today to make sure everything fit ok, we still have a couple of costumes left to figure out and some accessories to get but we should be all ready for the big night.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coin Collecting made easy

There are some things that are exciting to collect, stamps, cards and many other things people use to collect. A much more stable collection would have to be gold and silver coins, you can collect many unique and valuable coins that hold or grow their value over time. What happens to your stamp collection, over time they deteriorate and occasionally a stamp will increase in value. W|here as gold coinshave proven to have a safe investment and growth opportunity over time. Silver Bullion is also a great investment as annual demand exceeds available production. As the available supply of silver deminishes the value of existing stock will have to increse making for a good investment opportunity.

Trick or treaters be ware

It's only a couple of weeks away and we are now all set for Halloween with the kids costumes. We will have the girl Avatar, the Ninja and the Monkey Boy joining us for Halloween. The kids are getting excited and to make it more exciting we will be having Blakes Birthday party on the 29th with his classmates we will be having a costume party for him, it should be great fun.

Ski Suit Dilema

Well I have found myself in a terrible dilemma ski season is only a couple of months away and I find myself still without a snow suit I can call my own. We have been shopping with for the kids and now have found suits for all the kids. I have changed my mind a few times and just can't find "The One". There is one online that I found but we are still waiting for them to come in the store. They got the medium one in this week and we are waiting for them to find the large size. I'm trying to be patient with the store but it has been all week and it still hasn't shown up yet. Continueing to be patient but frustrated.