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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Great vacation specials

I have been dreaming about my dream honeymoon since my husband and I got married almost 10 years ago, we got talked out of going away for our wedding by my family and it is one of the biggest regrets we have about our wedding. We have been so focused on the kids that we always put off our own celebration but now as the kids are getting bigger it is becoming much easier for us to start to think about travelling our selves. We recently discover a fantastic "World Sale" form British Airways they are featuring exciting vacation packages including airfare, hotel and car rental packages to various destinations throughout the world. The Sale will last until November 19th and you have to book your trip to take place between November and March of 2010. British airways travel from Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver and can take you to so many beautiful destinations including, London($599 round trip w/ 3 night hotel), Paris($540 round trip w/3 nights), Cairo($770 round trip w/ 3 nights) Dubai and Hong Kong just to name a few options. We've always really wanted to go to Paris or London for a romantic getaway, being able to take in the historic beauty of these site would be an incredible opportunity. Traveling with British Airways is always and exciting journey, they are so focused on customer service and providing you with the best vacation experience possible. They offer all the comforts you would expect including complimentary food and cocktails to relax you on your journey.

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