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Monday, August 30, 2010


I don't normally pay much attention to blonde jokes but my husband emailed this one earlier this morning and I got a laugh out of....:0)
There is a blond at her office and she receives a phone call saying her father had died earlier that morning. She was very upset and her boss ran into the room saying,
"That's terrible! You don't have to stay here, it's not right. Go home, comfort your family."
The blond says between sniffles,
"No but thank you for the offer. I'll stay here and try to keep my mind of it."
After lunch the blond's boss comes in to check on her. He is most shocked when he sees her more upset that she was earlier that same day.
"What's the matter?!" asked the boss in shock.

"Well I just called my sister, and her dad died too!"

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