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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Missing Friends Search

In today's fast paced interactive website world filled with sites like Facebook, Twitter and more it is a fantastic way to find old friends and loved ones. We have become such a mobile society, I can count on 1 hand the amount of people from my Granduating Class that still live in my home town. So it's so easy to loose contact over a few years. There is a fantastic new service at the site that allows you to re-connect with people. I recently wanted to find a old friend Matt, I haven't seen in a while so by just doing a quick search My Life does all the searching for me, it checkes the profiles of all the most popular socializing sites to find matches for me. I really wanted to know what he has been up to and where life has taken him over the years. Although there was a number of results returned I was able to find a profile that matched and allowed me to find out where he was living, what his career now is along with his personal information and family. I was able to link up to his facebook and join his friend list. It was very excting and know I will be using this to search for all the other old friends I have lost touch with. It's so much easier to use as it searches quickly through all the sites. I can't recommend this site enough to people just star


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