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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When a mouse beats Spiderman

I was very surprised when the news broke yesterday about the Disney buying up the Marvel Company. It will be interesting to see how the deal shakes down with so many commitments already out there for Marvel it will take a while before we see the Disney spin on our favorite Marvel Characters. I think Disney Executives will certainly respect the history of Marvel and take the Characters in a new and exciting direction. In the end I hope to see an even better product with more fun and adventure than ever. I heard the shares dropped on the news so it might be a good time to Buy one Share of Disney as it has a proven track record of surviving and in the long run with the addition of thousands of new characters to draw from should become an even more powerful enterprise. Good Luck Mickey, I can't wait to see you swinging through New York with Spidey.

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Petula said...

Mickey and Spiderman. That's a pretty funny scene to picture.