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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's that time of year for us as soon as we start BTS shopping we also start Christmas shopping. In our family we have 4 children so it means we have to start shopping early to meet the budget. Our oldest son has been deliberating on what gaming system he wants. He is considering all the options from PS3 to Wii to XBox .
He is currently leaning towards the Xbox because he feels there is better access to Games with that system over the PS3 and with the Wii he thinks it might be a bit more kid orientated. To meet the budget I wanted to take the time to shop for all the options and see what pricing I could get. When I found it made all the difference, they offer all the online options. They are different from traditional sites because they are not paid for their listings, they work basically like google, searching out all the sites the offer a particular product.
Another consideration for us is the costs of accessories because with all the systems you need to have a lot of accessories to do anything with. It seems as though the system that uses the most accessories would be the wii, which makes another plus for the xbox. With the help of Shopwiki we will be able to make the best deal and save us money to put into other items for the kids.

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