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Monday, August 3, 2009

Local Events Calendar Widget

It's summer time and it is truly my favorite time of year, I get to have the kids home from school and we get to plan out all kinds of activities. This year is a bit more challanging for me as it's the first year I have been back at works since the kids were born. Luckily I am home all day and hubby takes the evening time while I'm working. I find it a bit more hectic so I needed to find a resourse that could find all the local events going on around so I didn't have to take time listening to the radio, reading newspaper and flyer boards. While I was searching I actually came accross an incredible site called it's an online resource service that gives you access to all kinds of information for infants up to teens to help you with common questions. They have created the Local Events Calendar Widget to help busy parents keep up with their community events. Right now they also have a contest to see who's widget gets the most clicks with a prize of $1000 up for grabs. This tool will help me and can help you organize your daily events to keep the kids busy and out in their community.


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