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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Web Hobbies

I remember two years ago when I originally started my websites as just a hobby and to keep my family up to date with the activities of the kids as we live so far away from them. It is so exciting to see how that original idea has evolved over the last 2 years with the vast expanse and accessibility of the Internet I have been able to connect with people literally all over the world. I am now approaching a point where I am looking for more out of my service and am planning on moving my sites off my free service to a paid program that can offer me more features but where to start in looking for a web hosting service. A lot of my Internet friends are using paid services but most of them use different ones so it is hard for me to pick the best one. Turning to a web hosting review site is very beneficial because it offers honest reviews of all the web hosting options. Most good review sites will rank the different providers and show you key information like rates, space, features and more to give you a fair comparison of offers. They will also provide you with links to the services like In Motions Hosting so you can get the full information on the various providers for yourself before making a selection. Using a hosting review site can certainly save you lots of time in your search for a host service.

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