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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The day is here and today Jay turned 12 years old! My God where has the time gone... Jay will have some friends over on the weekend to celebrate but today all he wants is for us to take him to Pizza Delight for the buffet so we will have to pick him up at school today at lunch time to get him their. We do have a surprise gift for him later from his Grandma and Grandpa and we are saving our big gift for him for Saturday. I just hope I can wait until then.
Watch my baby boy grow up over the years.
Check out his slideshow !


Anna said...

How about that - Jay and I have the same birthday. Of course, mine came a few years before his!

Happy birthday to Jay. I hope he has a good one.

Carrie Smith said...

happy birthday Anna!

jenn said...

Happy birthday jay and anna!!!!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to your son! He's almost a teenager, wow, they grow up really fast don't they!

Petula Wright said...

Happy Birthday Jay! ... I already visited Anna and told her happy birthday. Wow, May is a big month for birthday. My Anna turns one on the 26th!

So, how was the pizza?

Anonymous said...

Hey tell Jay I said I hope he had a great day!!