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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Online Store

Do you have the desire to start up a business but don't have the capital or want to invest in the standard "brick and mortar" type operation when you have to cover the cost of owning or leasing a building for your store, paying for sales staff and merchandising. Try an alternative of an online store or business. Ashop is designed to assist you in setting up your Internet based business. Their e-commerce software will allow you to securely accept payments from your customers using their choice of credit card or even their pay pal account. Ashop can even offer you help to created your company logo, and operating website. Peaked your curiosity than visit Ashop online so you can walk through their entire site and recieve a complete overview of the entire process including features, pricing and sign up information. Sign up now and you will be elegible for a 10 day free trial of Ashops shopping cart features software absolutely free. You wont be left hanging as their is c a complete set of e commerce tips and tools to help you with your set up including sales and support staff to help you with all your needs.

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