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Friday, May 2, 2008

Profit Saver

Your company works hard to make it's profits, unfortunetly part of doing buisness is collecting payments from your clients. Normally your clients will pay their bills on time but sometimes things don't work out for any number of reasons and you have difficulty collecting your payments. There are alternatives out there to help you get your payments and protect your profits. You can use collection agency services to work for you on your old debts but traditional agencies can be expensive and eat into your profit margin, there are alternatives try the Collection Agency APR. They can collect your accounts using one of their two recovery services. The tier 1 program is primarily used in the early stages of recovery you will work with them to determine the call schedule and the diplomacy of the communication and payment scheduling that are acceptable for you. At this stage you can recover an account for as little as $5 and saves you the time and effort of trying to connect with your clients. If you need a stronger approach you can use the tier 2 program which is designed for harder to recover accounts, you will recieve specialized trained agents that are prepared to negotiate your payments with hard to collect from accounts. They will contact more frequently with more intensity than the tier 1 service. Whatever your collection services might be it's time to take back your profits turn to the affordable alternatives and save 30-50 % of your profits over traditional collection agencies.

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