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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yep that is the question?????
Some of you might know how much my 3 year old son loves dogs. No we don't have a real one but he has at least 2 dozen stuffed puppies and all with names. He is so good with his puppies and treats them like they are real. It is just to precious...ok to my point here. My FIL just phoned me a little while ago and told me that Bel, his beagle had 7 puppies yesterday! Yay that is great but now this leaves us with a BIG decision to make. I don't want to break my little guys heart over this but getting a dog is a huge commitment and to be honest I would rather have another baby (can't happen unfortunately). I can bribe the other kids with going to Florida in a couple of years but Blake doesn't understand. Sure my FIL says that if things don't work out then we can take it back but how to you explain that to a 3 year old and the other thing I am worried about is that we are a pretty busy family and I am consider (no I AM going) to work in the fall but only in the evenings and Blake doesn't go to school until September 2009. OMG this is hard. What am I going to do.....I don't know if it's me hesitating on getting a puppy or the voice of my father always saying "you don't need a dog"..... I guess he did that every time I talked about having another baby and I had them anyway. Help, I don't know what to do. If I could have a dog just like Bel (only house trained) there would be no decision to make. She is the perfect size and very good with the kids and loves to curl up and cuddle!


Tammy said...

Good luck with the decision. I think every kid should have a pet, but it's up you guys on whether you have the time to raise a puppy. Oh....just get him a puppy. LOL

jenn said...

Girl, how are you going to find the time to train a puppy??? But, how can you look at the baby and tell him no??? I do not envy you one bit, my friend!

Petula Wright said...

Well, I may not be the right one to ask, but I have had no trouble telling three children (probably four once Anna gets big enough to ask) NO! Maybe it's different at your house, but here I know that it would be my main responsibility and I don't want to raise one more person, pet, thing, plant... Oh sorry, I got carried away.

If you think that the kids will help take care of it and you won't have to leave it a lot given your schedules and everyone would love to have it plus the responsibility then go for it! But don't add more work to yourself.

BTW: Thanks for adding my badge. I had a little learning curve with designing it (could be better) and Tammy did the code!

Anonymous said...

Blakie needs a puppy!!

Jocelyn said...

How you've been, lady? Just wanted to say hi and see how you've been.

Stop by over my side when you get a chance.

Have a nice day! :)