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Friday, July 3, 2009

Camera Critters : Here's Riley

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We took a trip to check out the new batch of baby puppies and give the kids their surprise Grading Gift....a new puppy to join the family!

I think Blake was pretty impressed with the new batch he wasn't long picking them all up for some attention.
I don't think Breigh was all that impressed, here we tried to introduce her to Riley, her little brother whom will be joining us here in a few weeks once he is given the ok to leave Mom.

Kohl loved spending time with Riley, he's pretty happy here

Riley spending some quality time with Mom(Belle)

It's hard work to have 8 babies all at once

Here I am getting some cuddle time with Riley, it's important to get that bonding time in early!

Having a good sleep with his siblings!

Here Riley made his way outside to roam around the yard, posing in the food dish!

Breigh decided she better make nice, I think the puppies made her nervous about being replaced

Breigh posing pretty for the camera before getting ready to head back home

The 2 were ganging up on me

Here's our boy, all white underneath, all black on top.

We had to say goodbye for now but we will be going back in a few weeks to bring Riley home for good.


Tulip said...

what a cute little puppies and i love it seeing them sucking on their mother's breasts. that's cute.

i beati said...

good pick Breigh is so so special sandy

Lovesromances said...

Those puppies are so cute!!!

Snap said...

Breigh looks like she thinks the new puppy will be okay! Cute puppies. Riley is a little doll!

SquirrelQueen said...

Aww, they are all so adorable. Riley is really cute in that dish.
Thanks for sharing.

Cezar and Léia said...

ohmigod, they are sooo adorable! Fabulous pictures, congratulations dear friend!
happy camera critters
Luna(from Brazil)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet new addition to the household. :)

Anonymous said...

Super adorable!

Tammy said...

Awww Riley is so cute! Congrats on the new puppy. I bet the kids can't wait till you get to bring him home.

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks for visiting the Duck, he was well pleased with your comment! He has been out on the motorbike and is just sorting out his pictures.

Kilauea Poetry said...

How exciting for you..I agree, the bonding is important but fun when you can enjoy that early puppy hood! Cheers & thanks for stopping by-

Bryan said...

Wow, Riley is tiny!

Vicki ~ FL said...

Ohhh, Riley the baby beagle is adorable and you all will have many enjoyable times with him. Thank you for your nice comments and your visit.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Ah so sweet.....i love to see the puppies..great photos...hope you had a lovely weekend.

Manz said...

I want one... I want one... I want one!! Incredible cute pups!!