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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Entertaining Card Games

Friday nights are about to get a little more exciting around here. We enjoy having card nights on Friday Nights and normally we gather around the kitchen table with the snacks ready and enjoy playing card games. It depends on whose around as to what game we end up playing. Sometimes it's just us and the kids which makes for a bit more kiddie night although our oldest is starting to get into playing poker too. We have made a bunch of changes to our house in the last little while and it allowed us to make a "family room" to entertain and hang out in. It is so much more enjoyable to gather into the nice cozy family room with warm carpet on the feet and comfortable chairs. It also has the whole entertainment centre set up to complete the fun. We can sit an play at the Poker Table while the kids have fun with the Wii or a DVD. Now what we have to play on is not really what we wanted to have for our room but we got it at a yard sale. There isn't many places to by nice card tables around here so we turned to online shopping to find a website that sold quality a Card Table The buy poker tables online website offers free shipping on most orders and prides itself on taking all precautions to ensure new tables are shipped to arrive in perfect condition. It does take a little longer to ship a table, 4-6 weeks but it would be worth the extra time to ensure a perfect table. A really cool feature I found on the website was links to tips on how to play your favorite games so you can improve your game on your new Poker Tables. Poker is one of the most popular games right now and a great table will do a lot to make a great impression on your guests.


Anonymous said...


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Maria Berg said...

It look really good, and one that I would like to have. Our kids start to become older and the youngest one is 3 and we started to play card with our neighbored it is a lot of fun.

And your kids had fun in the high grass they look as happy as the puppy!

/Maria Berg