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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Girls Dream

Having 4 children I believe it is important to find special time for each and everyone of them. For me I only have one daughter to spend quality MOM/Daughter time and I love to make the most of it. She is at a stage where she loves to play with her dolls and is collecting many miniture figures to add to her doll house. As with any little girl she has been playing with dolls since she was able to crawl and loves every minute of it. We are now at a stage that she wants to upgrade her doll house to something bigger with more style to it so perhaps for Christmas we will make it happen for her. I have been shopping the great assortment of pieces available to add to her collection on special occasions. As it is currently summer I found a super assortment of beach and summer items to add to her collection. I found a beach ball, garden hose and outdoor beach toys just to name a few items. Now my daughter is a bit of a snack junkie so she is conviced she needs some of the cool dollhouse food items that are available. You can select from boxes of strawberries and oranges to something a bit more fun the cheeseburger and fries plate. The site offers a secure along the paper bag and we will have to go from their. 236They offer a secure shopping environement and have a generouse return policy that will allow you to return any item for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase providing you have the recieght and have the item shipped back. The collection of dollhouse accessories can be saved and played with it all the time or use it to play with in your home.

Once you have placed your order you can expect to see your shipment shipped within 3 days.

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Jocelyn said...

Hi Carrie! How you've been, girly? Just stopping by to say hello! :D