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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

We have been working on the new cabinets in the kitchen and I joked to Carry today that perhaps we are supposed to be out in the yard building an Arc instead of in the kitchen building cabinets. 4 Days of rain only 3 more to go

I heard a saying in the Transformer movie yesterday,"Bring the Rain" I don't think they meant it this way.

Breigh not impressed one bit with all the rain

Kohl suffering from computer eyes, not much else to do, he at least had the shirt and tattoo's

Trin trying to amuse herself with some coloring

Jay showing the spirt

Blake always has the grin on when it's time to pose

It was raining but the kids have had enough and were getting in a swim

Kohl was having a great time even if he couldn't feel his legs

Jay was a chicken but finally made it back in

Blake got in his suit but as usually couldn't get the courage up to get in

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