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Monday, July 13, 2009

Time for a Getaway

It is that time of year again when we all are out getting ready to travel. For us this year we are trying harder to find more economical options for our Family Vacation. With the current econmic crisis it has hit us just like everyone else and with prices seemingly going up on everything we decided it would make more scence to try and budget our vacation a little smarter and stay closer to home. We want to still have a lot of activities and fun planned for us and the kids but just do it a little smarter. With our youngest finally getting started in school this fall we feel the kids are also old enough to allow us to start planning for Romantic Getaways with just the two of us. We would love to take a weekend trip through Vermont and see all the scenery and spend time enjoying the different sites and scenes that are available for us. We have never been down to these areas so we started to look at rates and availability of different Vermont Hotels. We have heard it is really beautiful to drive through different areas in the fall and to see all the trees turning. It will be great to get away for a few days without the kids, that hasn't happened in forever.

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