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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning for Home Security

When we moved to our neighborhood a couple of years ago it seemed so safe and quite but over the last couple of years it seems like the crime rates keep rising and there is a lot of vandalism and break-ins know with people looking for money for drugs. With me working now it is more important than ever for us to look into home alarms. With me working it means that some nights both my husband and I are away from home in the evening. Luckily our oldest is old enough to watch the kids for the few hours each week that we are both out but at the same time we would feel so much better having a home security system to keep them safe and also just to have when we are away for a weekend or on vacation. With the popularity of these systems growing it is really bring the price down so it is affordable peace of mind to have, for us it will even lower our home insurance premiums so it almost pays for itself with the savings.

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