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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


That's right...two weeks from today is Christmas day, so if you aren't ready yet...get ready it's coming :0) and fast! This year is a new start to Christmas traditions since this will be our first Christmas at home without family so we have been brain storming trying to think of ways to make it fun for the kids with some new traditions. I think being home for the day and being able to play with their new toys will be fun enough for them. Usually they unwrap the gifts, pick out one toy and head off travelling to be with family and won't get to play with the other gifts for quite a few days...what fun it that. There are a couple of movies playing at the theatre that they would like to see and maybe if the weather permits we will find a sledding hill. We will be travelling to be with family on the 27th.


jenn said...

My kids would LOVE being able to stay home on Christmas day. They get all these gifts, but have no time to play with them.

Sledding sounds like fun, too!

texas_sweetie said...

Yeah,you are right Carrie,2 weeks before Christmas..really fast huh..I dn't know how my Christmas is gonna be because I'm gonna be alone in this house all by myself all day,hubby will go to work same as ordinary day. Sounds like your family gonna have fun on that day.Which is very very good.

About PPP,can't help myself not to put emotions to taking away most of my time to rest naks..not good huh...

well..anyways...passing by to say hi to u and thanks for the little advice on my post.Have a good day!