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Friday, December 7, 2007


With having company coming for the weekend I have been busy this week cleaning and getting my Christmas baking done...well at least for now...I'm sure there won't be much left after the weekend. LOL! With the help from Blake and the other 3 kidos the other night we have managed to Bake, 4 dozen muffins, 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies and I lost count of how many shortbread cut out cookies we baked!? Now lets not forget the 2 cinnamon loafs and 2 apple pies that we baked last night. Yep that's a lot of baking especially for me...I bake cookies from time to time but that is extend of it...Not sure what happened this year... Unfortunately for my hand mixer this will probably be the last time that they will be used to assist me with my baking...hopping for something new! :0)


jenn said...

Yummy! I'm coming to your house for dessert!

Tammy said...

That's a lot of cookies!!!! I have to do some more baking this weekend, but I have to go to the grocery stop first to get some more supplies.

Carrie Smith said...


More baking next week. I will have to freeze some this time lol

kaliblue said...

Oh my you have been a busy bee:-). Everything you named sounds sooo yummy.. I'm not surprised all the cokies are gone:-).
I've got another week until I have to start my baking for all the gift baskets I'm making.
Have a warm & cozy day!!

Anna said...

I bet your house smells yummy!

In between baking stuff, you can play this simple game of tag that I tagged you for.

I got my own domain, so I'm trying to build links all over again.