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Thursday, December 6, 2007


The Art of Giving, wow! I came across a great website that offers many different times for sale that are beautiful and unique home accessories and jewelry that are hand made in South Africa. These items are sold by JacarandaStyle where they donate a portion of every time sold to the Ethembeni School in South Africa. This school teaches and helps 300 physically disabled and visually impaired children, so not only are you getting a unique and beautiful piece of art but you are also helping out someone who can benefit from this school.

JacarandaStyle is also being featured in a number of national publications because of the beautiful products and the aspects of this charity. While I was browsing through this site I really took a liking to the Ostrish Eggs Tea Light. I enjoy having tea light lit throughout my home and the Wave Tea Light was the design I prefered the most. It gives a beautiful natural glow and is hand painted, carved and polished and the natural shell creates a soft ambience. JacarandaStyle has many different tea lights to choose from as well as bowls. Receive free shopping on orders of $100 or more and get a 10% off coupon code of "JSTYLE" that can be used through December 14,2007.

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