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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We are still trying to decide whether or not we are going to get the kids a puppy????? I has been really hard on us trying to make the right decision and we were honestly leaning towards NOT getting one BUT today we both are now considering the possibility once again and Blake has already named her. Her name will be Breigh (if we get one). I think it's a cute name don't you????
We are going home to visit on grading day at the end of the month and will be away for 4 days and we will finally get to see the puppies. I'm sure this will be the final straw in our decision making as our hearts melt. I mean really just look at this picture! How could anyone say no to a face like this :0) It sounds like we are getting a puppy doesn't it?
If anyone has any tips on how to train a puppy please pass them along. I have never had a dog before and like having kids I want to start of doing it right.


Anna said...

You better not actually meet the puppy if you don't intend to bring her home. You won't be able to resist. You're right - look at that face.

I can't give you any advice on puppy training. We had a dog once, and she wasn't very well trained at all. :P

Good luck!

Tammy said...

Tips, hmmm...take the puppy outside to go pee right before you go to sleep and as soon as you get up in the morning.

jenn said...

Now, if I had started here I would know it's name and sex already!