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Monday, June 16, 2008


.....GONE FISHING (or something like that)!

Ok not really, we have never gone fishing before and Kohl had made his daddy a cool craft at school for Father's Day. It was a cut out paper fish hooked to a paper fishing rod. Blake thought it was the coolest thing ever so I took some time yesterday and made some fish. Instead of making the fishing rod out of paper Matt went outside and got some small branches. They turned out great and it kept the boys entertained most of the afternoon!

Look at the size of that fish!!!!!


I have to say that my little boy is obsessed with "blowie flowers"! It all started last summer before we moved......Kim and Blake spent many days at the bus stop park while waiting for the kids to get home. These two would sit there and blow these flowers and Blake would chuckle and laugh. Now every "blowie flower" he sees he mentions Kim and will blow the flower hoping that the blowies will make it to her! This picture was taken the other day while at the Wildlife park as he gets down to the flower say " oh mommy, this is the perfect blowie flower for Kim!". We might have moved far away from his buddy Kim but I know he will never forget her :0)

Blake and Kim before we moved last summer!

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