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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's on the radio

It's time to shut down the old am/fm radio for good, tired of subsription costs to your satelite radio, forget those too, begin a new day by switching to high definition radio this isn't your parents radio and it's simple to use all you need is a new radio reciever and you are set to go, no subsription and you can upgrade your home, your car, wherever you use the radio you can go to HD. You won't believe the quality you get with HD, you will get CD quality FM stations and FM quality AM stations, no hissing, no static, just clear music you love. Another new advance is their iTunes Tagging Reciver which allows you to capture the song you love without having to remember who sang it and what's the title, when you here a new song you like just hit the tagging button and the you've go it the next time you plug into ITunes you can purchase that song without having to remember anything about it, how great is that. Also with the HD reciver you will get access to all kinds of new radio stations that you have never heard from before to enhance you radio adventure, this isn't your grandma's radio this is HD, give it a try and you'll be excited about music again

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