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Friday, June 13, 2008


Wednesday night we took the kids to the circus! Since they only had half a day of school on Wednesday I kept them home and after lunch I put the two youngest boys in for a nap hoping that a good rest would make our late night a lot easier on everyone. We headed out and took the kids to McDonald's before the show then went to the Dollarstore to buy some CHEAP treats and thank God we did because the prices they were charging there was ridiculous!!!!!! They were charging $10 for a light sword, $8 for a ride on a camel (if it had of been an elephant ride I would have gone on for you Jenn!) It was just crazy but the kids were happy with all their goodies :0) This was the first time that any of my kids have gone to a circus and they were really surprised with the acts. The fire breathers was the number one hit for the kids along with the trampoline act. Blake well, he said he thought it all was great and was amazed at the size of the 8000 lbs elephant. We made it home and had the kids in bed by 11:00pm then we were up early and out the door for Kohl's school field trip to the Wildlife Park.


jenn said...

Great picture!! I'm glad the kids had fun. I love the circus, but we never have any around here.

JO-N said...

We love circus too but it's not very frequent that a circus is on over here.