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Saturday, September 20, 2008


I have been trying to catch up on some much needed sleep and when Blake wasn't feeling well the other morning I took advantage and put him in for a nap then crawled back into bed myself. He was tired and fell asleep right away, that never happens! So the next day I thought I would just try my luck and around the same time I put him in my bed with me and sure enough he fell asleep again! So I got another morning in with a nap :0) Well that was the end of the napping until again yesterday but this wasn't going as well. Blake wasn't the problem but the very very loud sound of buzzing in the room GRRRRRR After about 15 minutes of listening to this noise I got up to make sure it wasn't a bee????Nope it was just a great big house fly the size of my thumb nail and it was fast. I got my handy dandy fly swatter out and chased the fly around the house from my bedroom to the kitchen, then to the dining room and living and just when I thought I had was gone? With no sign of the fly in sight I went back to bed with Blake and seconds later it was back. Well it wasn't getting away from me this time. I shut my bedroom door, got the fly swatter in my hand and I wasn't giving up. By this point Blake was in tears laughing at me. The fly went from one side of the room until the other without stopping. I swear this fly was on something LOL Anyway I had enough...this fly was mine! I braced myself in the middle of the room and had this sucker cornered in one side of my room then after flying around and circling the bed it came right at me and I was ready I brought the swatter back like a baseball bat, held on tight and swung at it. Yes I connected with it with a loud sound as it was hit across the room, hit the wall and bounced off right back to where I was standing. YES VICTORY!
Oh and we did end up finally getting some sleep!

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