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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Now that I am going back to work (starting monday) I only have less than a week to get things organized and some changes made around here. So far tonight we have turned the dance room (for miss Trinity) back into the main computer room office (made arrangements for her to dance at the studio) which now frees up the front porch where the computer had been moved to. We will now use this as the front entry to the house where we will hang our jackets and leave our shoes. This will be great considering one thing this old house was lacking was closet space and I am getting tired of the jackets being left on chairs. So that is the main big changes in the house.

Another change I am going to have to make is getting rid of at least one of my blogs so I think I will be deleting my "As I see it" blog considering it is rather new and not a lot of traffic. I will have to turn my focus on my weight loss to my rantings blog and will still be there to offer other my support! I will be keeping this blog along with Jabber Jaws and My favorite... Let them be little, my family blog!

Now how can I make changes with my diet and exercise? I know this is something I am going to have to keep up with and could be a challenge but I only need 30 minutes on the treadmill so if I can get that done after the kids go to school I will be ok there and as for the eating habits I am hoping that by working nights will help me from getting into all kinds of food and by the time I get home I will be to tired to eat so maybe working nights won't be a bad thing for me!

So for my exercise journal for today....
I am not down any weight this week but I think the motivation is coming back and will hopefully see some results next week!
I walked/ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes, doing 2.03 miles and burning 333 calories then a half hour later took Blake and the puppy for a walk to hubby's work which took us 1 hr 30 minutes! I thought that was pretty good until I blew it with lunch from KFC (chicken place) but I did good the rest of the day. See what tomorrow brings!


Anna said...

Good luck with everything.

Now, if you can just figure out how to blog and walk on the treadmill at the same time, you could save yourself some extra time.

Tammy said...

We all have to treat ourselves one in a while. Aidan loves KFC!

Anonymous said...

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