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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday I started my first day of training with my new job. It was great! I trained from 4:30-11pm, what a difference being away from home and interacting with adults. The training went well and I have a feeling was I have the experience and comfort level behind me that I am absolutely going to love my job. What I will be doing after the training is taking catalogue orders from Gumps catalogue. Most of the items are really pricey but on the other hand really nice! And OMG I have never seen a business so layed back, the dress code is casual! If I want to wear jeans every day then that is what I wear :0) The scheduling is great and very accommodating so it shouldn't be a problem to work around all or at least most of my husbands hours. So I have the day to get things cleaned up around the house then back to work for 4:30pm, hopefully tonight goes as well as last night!

Now before I headed to work yesterday we had a busy morning. My son is now 12 years and started his first year in Junior High so I thought it was time to give his bedroom a new look and part of this was getting him out of his twin size bed. So while searching through Kijiji on the Internet (classified ads) I came across a queen size mattress and box spring along with the headboard and rails, high boy dresser and long six drawer dresser with mirror! The set is only 5 years old and pretty good shape and we got it all for $200! So we went in and picked it up yesterday morning then when we got home I had my work cut out for me. I switched and gave Kohl Jay's old mates bed and got his room organized, then started putting Jay's room together. Everything fit and his room looks great, he just needs new bedding to fit but he will have to wait for Christmas. I found a great comforter set in the Sears catalogue that looks like a more grown up version of his army camo and I think it will be perfect for him. So with all that going on yesterday I still managed to make it to work early but I have lots of cleaning to get done today.
Hubby was suppose to be on his vacation from work this week but with the District Manager and District VP coming for a visit tomorrow he felt he needed to go in and get the store in tip top shape for the tour, oh well I am hoping that when I need him to take a day off so that I can work a shift that he can use his days then.

Ok I think I rambled on enough here and now it's time to visit all of you!

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jenn said...

I love that bedding! It does look grown up, doesn't it? You got a great deal on the furniture,too. Great job!

I'm so happy you are enjoying the new job!