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Monday, June 29, 2009

Creating new Space

We are having so much fun renovating our home and making it so much more functional. Our most recent change was moving our master bedroom onto the main floor of the house from the garage. This allowed us to make a family room for the kids to enjoy and create a more intimate and comfy room for us. We are making do with our bedroom furniture for now but when Trinity and I get our trip to New York behind us I will be saving up for some new furniture. I love to create storage space and I am especially looking for an option to use to store the out of season clothes. I found this type of bed that gives me storage at a finger tip. I can get into this bed and get my clothing in and out so much easier than the bed we have now. We have to lift the box spring and mattress off it and I have to have someone to help me get it done. The site I found offering these types of beds also have a great selection of other styles as well. They are currently offering free shipping on most orders and even next day delivery where available. I can't wait for the fall when I get to finish up the bedroom and start to enjoy it.

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