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Monday, June 29, 2009

Puppy Traveling

We had a hilarious experience with our pup on a trip home to visit the grandparents this weekend. About an hour into the trip the dog started to act crazy and was sniffing at the air vents and travelling back and forth in the van. We finally decided to stop and let her take a nature call before heading back on our journey. This didn't work for her, after we were back on the road for a bit she started acting up again, going at the vents. We finally figured it out the ac compressor was sucking the smell from an open bag of dog treats at my feet up through the vents and filling the van with bacon goodness. Poor Breigh she was trying desperately to figure out where the smell of her favorite treats were coming from and finally she got them. Then to make it even more fun we went bowling last night with the kids and Grandpa sat in my seat, he picked up the bag of treats in the dark and Matt was telling him how great they were and cheap too thinking he could see the bag was dog treats, oops, Grandpa tried one and wasn't long spitting it out.

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