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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fighting the Gas Price

My husband is tired of the gas bill for the van and has decided to find a more economical way to get around. Since I bought my truck he uses the Van and basically travels back and forth to work, which is only a 10 minute drive away. He's right that it's too big a vehical for one person to travel back and forth in but we are stuck in a lease with it for another year. He recently came up with the idea of buying an Electric Bicycle to get himself back and forth to work. I was skeptical at first but the more we talked about it really started to make scence. The line of Electric Bikes that he is looking at are from Premium Electric Bikes the exclusive online dealer of the Green Cruiser electric bike. The use of electric bikes is becoming a very popular alternative to gas guzzling vehicals for people who have short commutes. This line of bikes can travel 25-30 miles per charge and take only about 7 hours to get a full charge. They are light, less than 50lbs and have a sleek stylish shape to them. The bikes come in a variety of sizes to match just about anyone, my husband's favorite is the "Storm", pictured above in the Red/Silver finish. It can be operated with the electric motor or by using old fashion peddle power for those days he is feeling like a little exercise. Premium Electric Bikes offers free shipping and great discounted prices on all their bikes. He's hoping to start and electric bike craze at his work place and get everyone into saving energy and money and being more healthy. He has even created a spot that his staff can securely store their bikes while they are at work to protect them.

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