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Monday, June 29, 2009

Making space to entertain

With our transformation of our bedroom into a Family room almost complete we have begun to look for furniture to finish off the look and functionability of the room. The main purpose of this room is to give the kids a place to hang out with their friends now that we are starting to hit the "teenage" years we would much rather have the kids here than wondering the streets or at whomever's house. We would also like to create a spot to entertain when Family or friends come over to visit. We truly want to make this room a multi-purpose room with all kinds of space. I went shopping online last night at work thinking it would be cool to have a Poker Table that could also be used for dining and with just a little searching I was able to find just the table, its a combination of a dining table and a Card Table with storage space for us to keep our chips, cards and everything else that we need for our games nights. The table we are looking at is made of solid black finish with Cherry accents that match perfectly with the other furniture we are using in the games room. The buy poker tables online website offers free shipping and significant discounts on all their tables, the one we are looking at is discounted 28% off the normal sale price and overall all tables are listed at 30 - 65% off the suggested list price from the manufactures. They have a great assortment of poker tables that will match any decor you already have. Having a great place to entertain will be a lot of fun and it is just as important to have the space you need to make it all happen. Take a few minutes to take a look through all the different choices there are out their and the great savings to take advantage off, shopping online can save you money.

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