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Monday, June 15, 2009

Making Changes

This was my dream couch that I wanted for our family room, we recently made some changes to our home to better accomadate our teenage son and his friends. When you first entered our home you were at our bedroom and Jay would take his friends through the whole house to get to his room. We decided that we would change our bedroom (which was huge) to a family room with all the kids game systems and movies etc set up so they can have a hang out. We would much prefer the kids have their friends over here than roaming around the neighborhood. Anyway we needed a new couch for the family room and I fell in love with this suede hide a bed. It served 2 purposes as it filled the furniture void and allows us to have an extra bed for sleepovers. Now for our new bedroom we took over a unused room off our dining room and living room. It basically had a computer in it so out it came and I went looking for new furniture I fell in love with a rustic furniture collection I found on a furniture website, I will try to make it through the summer with the furniture we have than for the fall we will swich out the old bedroom furniture for some new exciting bedroom furniture

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