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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enjoying my Garden

Finally after a couple of summers in my new house I am finally making some progress on the outside. There was so much to do inside we just couldn't spend the time or money on doing anything outside. This year I was able to start my decorative garden just outside my bedroom window. It is such a pretty spot and with the added decorations it is even more beautiful. There are often birds flying around and one thing I really wanted to see was some Humming Birds, I remember sitting out with my Grandmother as a child watching the humming birds fly up to her feeders. I saw a few around last summer but they didn't stay around long. I really didn't know much about hummingbirds as a child but taking the time to learn about them they are a migratory bird that travels seasonally from Central America. They began as a tropical species of bird but when the Ice Age ended they took the opportunity to travel to new fruitful spaces and have made the trip each Spring, and returning in the fall to their home. One thing I didn't know was that the humming bird is a solitary bird and they don't migrate in flocks but all on their own and they will migrate on their own agenda over a few weeks, with Males leaving first and the females leaving later. They really are spectacular birds so if you would like to attract these little birds to your yard take the time to get the best hummingbird feeders and fill them with delicious nectar to keep the little guys humming. I can't wait until next year as I am going to be building a deck around my garden and I will be able to sit out and watch them buzz around with the kids.

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