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Monday, June 15, 2009

My little ladies man

The kids had a school dance at their elementary school this weekend, everyone wasn't sure how it would go over being open to all the kids at the school so many parents and myself hung around for a while snapping pictures and seeing what would happen. To my surprise the kids got out and danced, almost all the kids, it wasn't like a Jnr. High dance when most people are hanging on the wall. The kids had a blast and here's my little ladies man dancing with a girl friend. I eventually got kicked out but when I came back I caught him dancing with another little girl from his class. Both he and Trinity had a blast, the school is considering doing another dance in the fall after the kids go back to school.

Here Kohl is consoling his little girlfriend after Trinity upset by telling her Kohl couldn't have a girlfriend until he was 16. Big sister is apparently very protective of her little brother but it upset this little girl so Kohl had to man up and go make her feel better, they were soon back out on the floor boogieing it up!