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Friday, June 5, 2009

Managing Life

Nursing can certainly be a very demanding line of work, it is challanging to balance a regular life and the demands put on the Nursing profession. The hours tend to be long and shift work is very common. Being under demanding conditions you might as well be comfortable and express yourself a bit. Gone are the days of plain green Scrubs. There are so many types of scrubs available now on the market that everyone can certainly express themselves and even match their mood by their scrubs. I recently found a great site that had all kinds of great lifestyle tips to help us get through the day and try to balance all our needs. I find sometimes after a long week I can sure see and feel the effects of the long hours and lack of sleep. A great article I found gave tips on how to make yourself feel and look better with just a few simple tips. I had a terrible habit of going to bed as soon as I get home, it's hard at 2 am to think of anything but sleep but after reading throught this article I realize that I have to take the time to remove my make up to keep my pores from clogging. The site also has all sorts of helpful lifestyle tips like how to avoid back pain, deal with stress and nutrition. Life can be hard, work can be tough and the combination of the two can be overpowering in this busy age it is important to use every resource available to make your life more manageable.


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