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Monday, June 29, 2009

Creating the "Hangout"

For anyone that follows my blogs regularly you all know I am constantly re-arranging and renovating my house as fits our growing families needs. Last year we renovated our garage and turned it into a bedroom for my husband and I and it was a lot of fun to do and turned out good at the time. Our oldest son turned 13 this year and with him growing up and being in Junior High he is starting to hang around more with friends. I don't really like him out roaming the neighborhood, especially since girls have started hanging around. We decided we would be better off making a cool place to have him hang with his friends here so we know where he is. With that we moved our bedroom up to the old computer room, that's a whole other story but we really love the new bedroom. Then we turned our old bedroom into a family/hangout room. We used an old tv stand to set up the kids entertainment centre, TV, DVD player, Wii and PS2 but I would really like to look for new Entertainment Center Furniture that will make the room look even better. To hold all the kids movies and games it would take more than what traditional TV Stands would hold so we had to look online to find the best assortment of furniture and find something that would allow me to really organize things out. The selection we found at "buy entertainment centers online" were fantastic and they are offering great discounts of 30 - 65% on there entire assortment of entertainment centers a long with free shipping to make it a great deal. The assortment they offer online is so much more than you would find at the local furniture store. It will be so comforting to have the cool hangout for the neighborhood kids and be the "cool" parents so the kids feel comfortable hanging out at are house.

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