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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We are another day closer to Christmas, only 38 days and I'm not getting any closer to being ready. I haven't started Christmas baking yet but will probably get the baking good next week with our groceries! Payday is this week so what ever is left from paying for dance competitions (if any) I will pick up a few more things and hubby gets paid next week so we will get a lot picked up then. I still have no idea what to get the parents????we wanted to get them electric fireplaces but that was before dance started costing us an arm and a leg LOL(but it's worth it) I'm sure we will think of something!
Work is at it again.....I have MORE training this afternoon for ANOTHER account, so here I go again, out of my comfort zone and they still can't promise me a permanent position. I'm sure it will end up that way considering I noticed that only 2 of us from my temporary training class are on with a full time permanent supervisor not the temp. supervisor. Fingers crossed that things will work out after Christmas.
Matt has his staff Christmas party on Saturday but unfortunately I have to work and Saturday is also the kids Santa Claus parade BUT I just remembered that work owes me a day off with pay for working Nov.11th so maybe I will see about getting Saturday off then I can do both, the parade with the kids then the party with hubby ;0)
well that is all for now I have to go get ready for work!
have a great Tuesday to you all.


jenn said...

I'm crossed!

Have fun at work!

Tammy said...

Crossed for you too!